America’s “War on Drugs”: History Channel Reveals True Story for the First Time on Television

June 19, 2017



Synopsis via TheIntercept:

Starting Sunday night and running through Wednesday the History Channel is showing a new four-part series called “America’s War on Drugs.” Not only is it an important contribution to recent American history, it’s also the first time U.S. television has ever told the core truth about one of the most important issues of the past fifty years.

That core truth is: The war on drugs has always been a pointless sham. For decades the federal government has engaged in a shifting series of alliances of convenience with some of the world’s largest drug cartels. So while the U.S. incarceration rate has quintupled since President Richard Nixon first declared the war on drugs in 1971, top narcotics dealers have simultaneously enjoyed protection at the highest levels of power in America.

Despite the fact the U.S. has no formal system of censorship, this monumental scandal has…

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Aliens, Gender Bending and the Space Sex Covenant with Death – Jay Dyer

May 14, 2017

Jay's Analysis

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By: Jay Dyer

“Game over, man! Game over!” Many consider Aliens to be the only sequel that surpasses the original, but I think that is very debatable. Everyone remembers the iconic gore and innards imagery from the film, but the propaganda aspects of the film are the real horror. The 1980s was the era when Reagan allocated money especially for recruitment in film (not that it didn’t exist before), with easy examples like Top Gun, Navy Seals, Iron Eagle, Little Nikita and many, many more. The Washington Postcommented in 2011:

“In June, the Army negotiated a first-of-its-kind sponsorship deal with the producers of “X-Men: First Class,” backing it up with ads telling potential recruits that they could live out superhero fantasies on real-life battlefields. Then, in recent days, word leaked that the White House has…

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Philosophy Phoenix Arises to Annihilate deGrasse Tyson

May 1, 2017

Jay's Analysis

Disagree with Tyson? Racist! Disagree with Tyson? Racist!

Or, Gödel Versus the New World Order

By: Jay

In the land of the blind, the 80s black science guy with 80s black guy mustache is king.  In a recent interview, high priest of neo-Darwinian scientism, Neil de Grasse Tyson expounded the true profundity of his worldview.  Tyson stated on a recent podcast:

“interviewer: At a certain point it’s just futile.

dGT: Yeah, yeah, exactly, exactly. My concern here is that the philosophers believe they are actually asking deep questions about nature. And to the scientist it’s, what are you doing? Why are you concerning yourself with the meaning of meaning?

(another) interviewer: I think a healthy balance of both is good.

dGT: Well, I’m still worried even about a healthy balance. Yeah, if you are distracted by your questions so that you can’t move forward, you are not being a productive contributor to our…

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Alien (1979) – The Deeper Meaning You Missed – Jay Dyer

April 30, 2017

Jay's Analysis

If you like this analysis, purchase my best selling book here, SIGNED!

By: Jay Dyer

Alien was a revolutionary film in many ways, and arguably the first nihilistic, anti-human science fiction series with a darkly occultic undertow.  While 2001 may have been an alchemical odyssey, Alien’s worldview is far more self-conscious with its H.R. Giger-designed concept art.  Giger, and his Crowleyan-influenced artwork.  The use of Giger’s art shows the “aliens” are really demons, as Giger frequently features dead babies, sacrifices, ritual sex with demons, baphomet, etc., in his art.  

Alien Director Ridley Scott also seems to share the belief and fascination with “aliens” many of the occultists do, who believe their ceremonies and ritual magick are contacting “aliens.”  The absurdity of this is that for all these people’s’ hatred of the Bible and the Orthodox Tradition, they end up vindicating our confession as these entities and their “messages” are…

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Jay Dyer’s Audio Summary/Analysis of John Marks MKULTRA Classic

April 29, 2017

Jay's Analysis

Stream or download free half here

In this summary and analysis lecture, I distill the insane mad scientist operation known as MK ULTRA and its dozens of projects from John Marks’ 1980 book, The CIA and Mind Control: The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.  As this meme has now entered pop culture through dozens of films and TV shows, from Bourne to Suckerpunch to Alias to Dollhouse, the mind controlled assassin and alter persona mythos actually has much basis in reality, as well as going much, much deeper, with biometric manipulation and enhancement, the programming of new personalities, and transhumanism. The talk posted here is the first half of the book, while paid subscribers are privy to the real meat and potatoes in the second half.  If you like what you hear, consider becoming a paid subscriber for $4.95 a month or $60.00 per year at the PayPal…

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Global Green Luciferian Government

April 22, 2017

Jay's Analysis

The Club of Rome's Fake Green Revolution. The Club of Rome’s Fake Green Revolution.

By: Jay

Arguably the central concern of those favoring a corporate global centralized government (along with technology and energy) is the issue the climate and environment.  Both the environment and climate relate closely to energy, as some aspect of the environment will be the source of energy.  Whether it’s food or petroleum, all life revolves around energy and its control.  As I’ve written before, human action itself is also energetic, thus the idea of full spectrum dominance must naturally focus on the control of human energy and the natural resources that surround humanity.  Consider this ridiculous MTV ad that threatens some kind of amorphous doom if nothing is done in 36 days?

To the average reader and so-called academic, the indoctrination given from public education and higher academia is that the modern world has accidentally put itself in a bind due to limited resources and overpopulation.  The university system almost universally propagates the dogmatic worldview of limited energy and…

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Predictive Programming & Media Fakery Demonstrated

April 18, 2017

Jay's Analysis

If you like this analysis, pre-order my book Esoteric Hollywood by clicking this image! If you like this analysis, pre-order my book Esoteric Hollywood by clicking this image!

By: Jay Dyer

One of the central topics I’ve dealt with is media fakery, Psy Ops, hoaxing and how this all ties directly into Hollywood, through the government’s direct contact with Tinsel town.  For most people, this is far-fetched and too much, yet when we consider the best explanatory narrative for these events, we can only conclude there is large-scale coordination.   The immense scale of the outright lies and the full spectrum approach of the mass media’s psy ops (and in my view mass media itself is a psy op) is something most people cannot accept, yet the usage of fakery and deception on the part of the state is historically commonplace, from Plato’s “noble lie” in the Republic, to Book VI of Machiavelli’s Art of War.

The countless instances of this coordination, from episodes…

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Zen in the art of archery – The book Cartier-Bresson regarded as the ultimate photo one

April 14, 2017

KALAMIR Photography

When Henri Cartier-Bresson initially read “The zen in the art of archery” written by the german philosopher Herrigel, he thought it was a book about photography !

He lately said that “Photography is just like archery…it is all about concentrating, targeting and shooting”. To see the true nature of things, one has “to align the eye with the heart”. No need for a brain to press the trigger at the decisive moment. By training again and again, the apprentice has to master the technical skills and to let instinct rules. For Cartier-Bresson, the camera was just like a modern sketch book and “the zen in the art of archery” was the only manual a photographer needed…apart from going often to the art museums of course. The ultimate goal is to develop an invisible link between the environment and the camera. The photographer will then become a medium through which the…

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The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t

April 9, 2017

what's left

October 22, 2016

Apparently, the US Left has yet to figure out that Washington doesn’t try to overthrow neoliberals. If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were a devotee of the Washington Consensus–as Counterpunch’s Eric Draitser seems to believe–the United States government wouldn’t have been calling since 2003 for Assad to step down. Nor would it be overseeing the Islamist guerilla war against his government; it would be protecting him.

By Stephen Gowans

There is a shibboleth in some circles that, as Eric Draitser put it in a recent Counterpunch article, the uprising in Syria “began as a response to the Syrian government’s neoliberal policies and brutality,” and that “the revolutionary content of the rebel side in Syria has been sidelined by a hodgepodge of Saudi and Qatari-financed jihadists.” This theory appears, as far as I can tell, to be based on argument by assertion, not evidence.

Available from Baraka Books…

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Syria attack: Is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

April 9, 2017

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Syria attack: is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

by Jon Rappoport

April 9, 2017

Trump was going to be the president of peace and non-interference. No foreign wars. No reason for the US to be policeman for the world.

This was not a minor message. Many Americans who had blown through the prison gates of the US political system when Ron Paul ran for president backed Trump, hoping for sanity.

Now what?

On top of the Syria missile attack itself, there are several reasons to believe the sarin nerve gas incident, which provoked the missile strike, was a false flag or an accident, and Syrian President Assad was blameless. But Trump said GO NOW.

It appeared President Assad, with the help of Russia and the US, was moving closer to victory against the various terrorist groups in Syria. That outcome is now in doubt.

Is it possible Trump and…

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