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Being playing around with trying to get the right name and concept behind what I am trying to do and sticking on Pycraft’s World for the moment…Wayne’s World…Whicker’s World…you get the idea! Maybe writing about the strange realities that I come across every day will start making sense to me and everyone else I discuss the myriad of disjointed ideas and concepts that I have. At the moment I am predominantly trying to marry the taking of pictures, video and story into a format that can be used universally for newspapers, magazines, TV, internet and mobile phone usage. We have two video agents, one here and one in France that can shift video for internet and TV usage worldwide, but I also like to deal direct with publications to get a better idea of feedback. The Sun and the London Paper are sporadically using video clips in London but it is obviously the big stories that put you on the map video wise, as with pictures which I have not done yet. Pictures are easier to get published and the demand and supply is cutthroat, the importance of video therefore being at a premium in the future as the market starts to shift. I want to make an impact now with the right footage as I did a few years back with pictures.

Legally I am going to court with Otis Ferry on 27th November and we maybe graced with Sienna Miller as a star witness, but more on this as we get closer to the time. Prince is also stimulating my legal interest after removing my footage of him leaving Boujis in South Kensington for supposed copyright infrinchment on youtube. I need to counter notice this and get the story into the media to open up the forum on celebs protecting their image copyright. I am also going to upload that clip on a couple of other sites to tie in with the story. Although I remain pretty detached on the pros and cons of the “Paparazzi” these days the wider implications of back door control through the supposed protection of celebrities rights are important to keep a check on.

Creatively getting back to more set up fashion, portrait and erotica style photography which I have neglected for far too long in the service of papping. We did a great shoot of Paparazzi Whore a punk band the week before last, the pictures and video of which will be released to tie in with their TV show Signing With The Enemy on BBC3 Sunday 7th October – 10pm; repeated Tuesday 9th October – 9pm. Shot in a Church at their request and with clothes provided by Harmony, make up by the beautiful and talented make up artist Lou Read, art direction and technical assistance Chicproduction, models Maria and Annette and creative help from Dontmagazine. Lets see if punk bands still have the power to shock or create contoversey, me thinks not!


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