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Sex work. Why so hard to swallow?


Sitting here, at the very dreggy end of 2012, whilst the UK is indulging in the binge drinking, eating and fornicating excess of the festive Christmas week, I sit peeling an orange and reading my Twitter feed.

My social stream consists of virtual shouts of dismay from my sex worker friends that momentum is building behind the abolitionists and politicians to bring the UK in line with the Nordic laws and make the buying of sex illegal.

This is all very worrying, and it’s got me wondering. What exactly is it about sex work that upsets the ban-a-prossie brigade?

When I say ‘what exactly is it about sex work’ I do mean… what bit exactly?

The various political groups and media who are lobbying to eradicate prostitution are very dedicated and very offended by the existence of any sex work. So what…

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