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January 28, 2013

Harlots Parlour

A shorter version of this will be appearing in The Occupied Times.

It is common for the British to look at the American system of lobbying government and smile disdainfully. Money influencing policy is something others do, not the Mother of Parliaments. It is of course as inaccurate as believing paying  MPs more will lead to better applicants for the job or that Nick Clegg really wears a onesie.

There are a number of lobbying parliamentary groups in Westminster, All party groups, made up of MPs and members of the House of Lords are found on topics as diverse as rugby league to lighting, at times it seems more like a freshers fair than a serious way for people to declare an interest in a particular issue.

I am a sex worker and a sex workers’ rights activist. So when I discovered there was an All-party group on Prostitution I…

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