The Truth About Sex Trafficking

The Life and Works of Olive Seraphim

I’m not wasting anymore of my time arguing with antis who are too ignorant and lazy to do their own research, so I am going to make one post with some main points and some further reading and I am going to link every SWERF and anti to this post in future.
  • Sex trafficking does not have one definition. The definition is deliberately obfuscated to enable law enforcement and policy makers to sweep up as many sex workers as possible. The idea that sex trafficking involves captivity by force or victims being transported to work is entirely false. Anyone working underage or voluntarily travelling to work can be swept up in this deliberately vague notion. Migrant sex workers from South East Asia and Eastern Bloc Nations generally end up categorized this way without any evidence that they are not voluntary workers. 
  • Statistics surrounding sex trafficking and sex slavery…

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