Falling over invisible whores

everyday whorephobia

Some of you may have come across the Invisible men tumblr, one of the most whorephobic recent productions of the anti sex work brigade. They of course claim it’s not whores they dislike, but the clients, despite knowing nothing about them, but the tumblr revealed their true feelings.

Firstly the design, sex workers were not seen as individuals, or even human, instead they were objectified and othered by being presented as white masks, interchangeable and all individuality removed. Now no doubt the designers of the site would claim that they were actually showing how the men viewed the workers they reviewed, but the very reviews show this is not true. Some (although by all means not all) may use misogynistic launguage, others a singular lack of realism. Quite a few of the cherry picked reviews seem to be of people who went to a walk up brothel and expected a…

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