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Traitors to Their Sex

May 31, 2014

The Honest Courtesan

There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women. –  Madeleine K. Albright

From the very beginning, feminism has been a movement as divided in its sensibilities as women are divided in ours.  While many early feminist leaders were concerned with issues which affected all women of every class and situation (such as reproductive freedom and social, legal, economic and educational equality) and by their efforts reshaped Western society for the better, the majority of rank-and-file feminists (especially in the US and UK) were unimaginative middle-class white women who were primarily concerned with their own peeves rather than the very real needs of women who were lower-class, nonwhite or unconventional.  But whenever I dare to make statements like this, I am often countered with a disingenuous “Feminists are just people who want women to have equal rights with men.”  If only that were true! …

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China’s elites in turmoil: 60 officials died of unnatural causes in a year

May 17, 2014

Consortium of Defense Analysts

Many years ago, journalist-writer and China-hand Theodore White was interviewed on TV. He memorably described power struggles in the Chinese Communist Party as akin to the battle of sea monsters beneath the waves. All we outsiders see are the churning water and foam, and an occasional brief glimpse of the monsters’ heads as they emerge from the sea for a gulp of air.

Those sea monsters are at war again. There’s trouble among China’s top leadership.

Writing for The Weekly Standard, May 9, 2014, Abram N. Shulsky and Gary Schmitt claim that about 60 of the country’s officials had died of unnatural causes in the span of a year.

Shulsky is a senior fellow with the Hudson Institute; Schmitt is director of the Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. The two are coauthors of Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence.

Below is…

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May 15, 2014

OrgasmicAngel's Mind


There are moments in everyone’s life
When they willingly hand their heart to another
Expecting it to be held with care
To be cherished as a gift
To be loved just as fiercely
As you love theirs

But some moments in life
Your heart will be handed
Without a by your leave
A simple quotation of
Now I bid you goodbye
As they walk from the table

Sure that heart now holds no
As it surly would have poured
Through the caverns
Of hurt
The pain will burn with every breath
And flood veins through the tears
You will cry

So many questions whimpered to the night
What did I do?
Where did I go wrong ?
Oh god it hurts !
Why me ?

The thoughts
how will I get them back?
will I never love again?
The worst one of all
Will I always be alone…

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All About the Men

May 9, 2014

The Honest Courtesan

This essay first appeared in Cliterati on April 13th; I have modified it slightly to fit the format of this blog.

Invisible Men propaganda displayProbably the most common stereotype of anti-sex worker feminists is that they’re all misandrists, and on the surface that certainly seems true.  But a closer examination of the issue reveals a deeper motivation which more closely resembles an obsessive concern with men at the expense of women.  Feminists are willing to deny models income in order to deny lads’ mags to men, and would rather see women in the porn industry unemployed rather than know that men can watch porn videos.  “Sex trafficking” fetishists are willing to undermine the entire edifice of civil liberties for both sexes in order to stop men from having access to commercial sex.  Anti-sex worker screeds go on and on about “ending men’s demand for sex”, or “teaching men they aren’t…

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Choke Point

May 6, 2014

The Honest Courtesan

Every nation has the government it deserves.   –  Joseph de Maistre

It is often said that large companies are amoral, and commit myriad sins in the name of profit.  At the same time, it’s clear that companies like Google, Paypal, Facebook, Chase and Amazon police “morality” and discriminate against anything to do with sex.  Oddly enough, though the concept of an amoral morality cop would seem oxymoronic, it’s actually fundamentally correct; though corporations are not completely amoral, most have only one moral principle: responsibility to their stockholders.  A corporation is both legally and practically bound to protect its investors and to maximize their profits, and unless the board of directors is dominated by unusually-principled shareholders, all other moral precepts are subordinate to that one.  Readers who are my age and older will recall that in the ‘70s and ‘80s companies weren’t nearly as bluenosed as they’ve…

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Japan expands its military footprint for first time in 40 years to counter China

May 3, 2014

Consortium of Defense Analysts


Nobuhiro Kubo reports for ReutersApril 19, 2014, that for the first time in more than 40 years, Japan undertook its first military expansion at the western end of its island chain by breaking ground on a military radar station on the Yonaguni island off Taiwan. When constructed, 100 troops will man the radar station. 


Note: Yonaguni Island, a population around 1700, is one of the Yaeyama Islands and the westernmost inhabited island of Japan. It is the last of the Ryukyu Islands chain, and lies about 67 miles from the east coast of Taiwan, and 93 miles from the disputed Senkaku or Diaoyu islets. (For more, go here.)


The move risks angering China, locked in a dispute with Japan over the nearby Senkaku or Diaoyu islands which they both claim.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera, who attended a ceremony on Yonaguni island to…

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Russia & China to hold joint naval drills in East China Sea

May 3, 2014

Consortium of Defense Analysts

East China Sea Air Defense Identification ZoneChina’s East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone

Reuters reports (via The Sydney Morning Herald), May 1, 2014, that on April 30, China said it would conduct joint naval drills with Russia in the East China Sea off Shanghai in late May, in what it called a bid to deepen military co-operation.

China’s defense ministry did not give an exact location in the East China Sea, where Beijing is locked in an increasingly bitter dispute with Japan over the ownership of a group of uninhabited islets called Senkaku by Japanese and Diaoyu by Chinese.

“These drills are regular exercises held by China and Russia’s navies, and the purpose is to deepen practical co-operation between the two militaries, to raise the ability to jointly deal with maritime security threats,” the ministry said on its website. It provided no other details.

China alarmed Japan, South Korea and the United States last year when…

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Available Weapon

May 2, 2014

The Honest Courtesan

This essay first appeared in Cliterati on April 6th; I have modified it slightly to fit the format of this blog.

Neofeminists are fond of pretending that women are not individuals, but rather mere appendages of some vast gestalt entity for which the neofeminists are the designated mouthpieces.  Many of their arguments against sex work rely on the notion that the private actions of individual women somehow resonate across this vast, incorporeal, hydra-like entity and magically harm all women everywhere in the world.  Therefore, they argue, the state is justified in using violence to suppress sex work for the “greater good”.  As so often happens with arguments based on irrational beliefs, however, the truth is exactly the opposite; prostitution laws pose a real and serious danger to all women, not just sex workers.  As I explained in “Be Careful Who You Rape”,

…women who will take…

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Be Careful Who You Rape

May 2, 2014

The Honest Courtesan

This essay first appeared in Cliterati on July 7th; I have modified it slightly for time references and to fit the format of this blog.

??????????????As I recently pointed out, people rarely recognize that allowing the rights of one group to be violated opens the door for everyone’s to be; they are wholly oblivious to the power of legal precedents, refuse to recognize that slippery slopes exist, and happily support any abrogation of the rights of people they don’t like, blissfully unaware that the noose they’re gleefully tying will fit their own necks as well as anyone else’s.  Individuals of this type are unable to recognize any danger residing comfortably in the Neverland of tomorrow; however, the danger posed to non-sex-working women by anti-prostitution laws is not in the future, but in the present.

The more common and less severe form of the danger lies…

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GCHQ Wish List: “Unsupervised Access” to NSA’s PRISM/Upstream Data

May 1, 2014