OrgasmicAngel's Mind


There are moments in everyone’s life
When they willingly hand their heart to another
Expecting it to be held with care
To be cherished as a gift
To be loved just as fiercely
As you love theirs

But some moments in life
Your heart will be handed
Without a by your leave
A simple quotation of
Now I bid you goodbye
As they walk from the table

Sure that heart now holds no
As it surly would have poured
Through the caverns
Of hurt
The pain will burn with every breath
And flood veins through the tears
You will cry

So many questions whimpered to the night
What did I do?
Where did I go wrong ?
Oh god it hurts !
Why me ?

The thoughts
how will I get them back?
will I never love again?
The worst one of all
Will I always be alone…

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