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Harlots Parlour is Closing

February 12, 2016

Harlots Parlour

Harlots parlour is closing.
Due to continuing lies and partially because of my health I have made the decision to close Harlots Parlour in 7 days time. If anyone would like to take over please message me or email
I believe that the UK sex worker rights movement needs the voice of an organisation that reflects the industry rather than the political ideology of a tiny vociferous group who sadly control what monies are available for a rights movement and who maliciously discredit and malign any voices that do not agree with their politicised interpretation of sex workers rights. It’s not normally in my nature to give in to bullying and lies, but on this occasion I have decided to put my health first and retire. I remain totally committed to the fight for decriminalisation and will continue to work to that end privately.


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