Sex work – the rights and the wrongs – David Baldelli

The Emerald

Jeremy Corbyn is at it again, annoying people by telling it like he sees it. You’d expect it to be the opposition he enjoys annoying but more often than not it seems to be his own MP’s. Last Thursday during a speech about something unconnected he was asked to spell out his views on prostitution where he was emphatic about his support for decriminalisation. It took less than 24 hours for Harriet Harman (who presumably would like another spell as interim leader) harshly criticised her leader with the view that in her opinion women need protecting from exploitative men.Jess Philips MP echoed her views a short time after, baffled at the idea of decriminalising ‘violence against women’. Both MP’s advocate the Nordic Model which would see buyers of sex criminalised.

The media have appeared to draw battle lines on this subject.On the one hand you have people arguing that sex…

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