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Vernon Coleman: Was Britain taken into the EU illegally?

July 29, 2016

Tallbloke's Talkshop

This is a followup to a post about the issue of sovereignty and Britain’s membership of the EU I put up a while back. These are weighty issues the public needs to consider. Needless to say, the BBC won’t be promoting in depth debate about the matter, so it’s up to bloggers and journalists to do the job. Actually, not many journo’s seem to want to raise their heads above the parapet either. I know it’s dull stuff, but please read and think about this. It’s up to us to let the political class know we don’t take kindly to having our liberties, fought for since Magna Carta, signed away to an unelected foreign commissariat which subjects us to summary extradition through European arrest warrants, dictates how we (dis)organise flood defences, and forces us to put the ‘human rights’ of criminals before those of their victims.

edward-heath-treason Was Ted Heath committing treason when…

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Why are TV channels not reporting the trade deals flooding in for Brexit?

July 13, 2016


It is reported that so many trade deal offers are flooding in re. Brexit that UK ministers can’t keep up!  But SKY, the BBC ad ITV all stay stubbornly silent on the subject.

Boris's initiative achieved these trade opportunities, with Farage, Leadsom and Stuart Boris’s initiative achieved these trade opportunities, with Farage, Leadsom and Stuart

The Express reports:  “SOUTH KOREA has joined the race to tie-up a major free trade deal with the UK in the wake of its exit from the European Union. The Asian nation – the 11th richest country in the world – has launched a push for new ties with the UK as soon as the country has exited the EU, according to the national broadcaster KBS.

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ISIS, Feminists and Thugs: Dupes of the Foundations & Think Tanks

July 8, 2016

Jay's Analysis

Chaos in Baltimore: revolutionary dupes, echoing the Jacobins. Chaos in Baltimore: revolutionary dupes, echoing the Jacobins. By: Jay Dyer

Men have been manipulated formillennia by the governing class through the technique of fear through internal and external threats. While it is true that in tribal societies the external (and sometimes internal) threat was very real, the extent of theplebian mind remained inthe dialectic of “we good, they bad.” Today man is no different, but what is different isthatthe halls and levers of power are less visible than in ancient civilizations. The average American in our day can watch Game of Thrones where political elites manipulate their underlings and one another on a daily basis, yet remain ever unable to translate this into the real world.

Some years back, I wrote a piece on engineered revolution, where I explain how the philosophy of revolution is a faith-based system – a technology for destabilization and transformation. At the time of…

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