Poltergeist (1982) – Youth Sacrificed to The Beast (JaysAnalysis)

Jay's Analysis

fullsizeoutput_36a Television portals, reminiscent of the spirits that travel through electrical currents in Twin Peaks.

By: Jay Dyer

Following the success of the 1974 extreme shock and awe horror Texas Chainsaw Massacre, director Tobe Hooper was recruited to direct a Spielberg project called Poltergeist that would be as much of a game-changer for the horror genre as Chainsaw.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, however, was an innovation in the genre that pushed the limits of what censors were willing to tolerate.  While the film admittedly has several technical achievements worthy of note for a miniscule 60k dollar budget, the overall repulsion and disgust present in every scene makes it hard to deny the film truly is nihilistic meaninglessness dressed up as avant-garde.  

In relation to Poltergeist, two aspects of Chainsaw Massacre are worth mentioning.  First, there is an occult aspect to the film many often overlook – consistent references…

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