Buzzsaw with Sean Stone: Jay Dyer on Esoteric Hollywood

Jay's Analysis

Interview is subscription based and preview is here

Jay Dyer reveals the interplay of geopolitics and psychological warfare in Hollywood blockbusters. It is becoming more apparent that the movies we once saw as mere entertainment have become vehicles of propaganda and predictive programming. Fraught with esoteric symbolism and hints of disclosure these films seem to be generating greater degrees of social fragmentation. Or are we being prepared for a shift in collective consciousness? Explore the esoteric messaging in the movies and ways we can avoid feeding the beast of mass hysteria. This interview with Sean Stone was originally webcast November 21, 2016.

Jay Dyer, whose graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare is the founder of JaysAnalysis which has grown to become one of the premier film and philosophy sites on the net. Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of…

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