Syria attack: Is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Syria attack: is Trump listening to his followers anymore?

by Jon Rappoport

April 9, 2017

Trump was going to be the president of peace and non-interference. No foreign wars. No reason for the US to be policeman for the world.

This was not a minor message. Many Americans who had blown through the prison gates of the US political system when Ron Paul ran for president backed Trump, hoping for sanity.

Now what?

On top of the Syria missile attack itself, there are several reasons to believe the sarin nerve gas incident, which provoked the missile strike, was a false flag or an accident, and Syrian President Assad was blameless. But Trump said GO NOW.

It appeared President Assad, with the help of Russia and the US, was moving closer to victory against the various terrorist groups in Syria. That outcome is now in doubt.

Is it possible Trump and…

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