Zen in the art of archery – The book Cartier-Bresson regarded as the ultimate photo one

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When Henri Cartier-Bresson initially read “The zen in the art of archery” written by the german philosopher Herrigel, he thought it was a book about photography !

He lately said that “Photography is just like archery…it is all about concentrating, targeting and shooting”. To see the true nature of things, one has “to align the eye with the heart”. No need for a brain to press the trigger at the decisive moment. By training again and again, the apprentice has to master the technical skills and to let instinct rules. For Cartier-Bresson, the camera was just like a modern sketch book and “the zen in the art of archery” was the only manual a photographer needed…apart from going often to the art museums of course. The ultimate goal is to develop an invisible link between the environment and the camera. The photographer will then become a medium through which the…

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