On Behalf of Punters

Caustic Beth

If you have ever visited a strip club, called a chatline, visited an escort or dominatrix I apologise that I am writing on your behalf, after all I hate it when people write about sex workers without consulting us. But in many ways men are even more powerless to attack the bile that is written against them. The latest coming from Julie Bindel in the Independent. The title of the article is ‘Tell me if you still think prostitution is empowering after hearing what the buying punters have to say.’ This is to publicise her upcoming book and is at best one-sided drivel. An example “During my conversations with the 50 sex trade survivors I interviewed for this book, I have heard much about the punters. None of it is good, unless you class the odd comment such as, “at least he had a shower”, or, “he didn’t rape me…

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